Lady Eclair Flame Chanel

  • Date of Birth:
  • Color: Black Silver Tabby Colorpoint (ns 21 33)
Our cat - Lady Eclair Flame Chanel

The name Eclair is fully consistent with her character and appearance. Affectionate and gentle, nimble, loyal, caring — this is all about our Eclair. She will wake you up in the morning with her purring and it doesn’t matter that it is only 6 am. Our Eclair is a talker cat. She will always tell you what she plans to do by her “meow”. Every case has its own “ special meow”. And when you start to distinguish each “meow ” the communication becomes even more interesting.

Full Name: Eclair Flame Chanel
Home name: Eclair
Sex: female
Breed: Scottish Fold SH
Color: Black Silver Tabby Colorpoint (ns 21 33)
Date of Birth: 08 Oct 2019
Club Registration: Rolandus Union Int., ICFA
Title: Champion
Awards: Best in Color Nominee, Best in Breed Nominee
Lady Eclair Flame Chanel looking for something.
Lady Eclair Flame Chanel - profile shot.

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