Is Scottish Fold Breed the right choice for me?

The cat of our cattery.
  1. Most Scottish Cats’ Characters both Fold and Straights are usually more cozy and calm than explosively active when compared to other breeds. As far as Scottish Fold breed was established using crosses with American Short Haired and British Short Haired and Long Haired cats. So due to genetics, your Scottish kitty can grow into either a lazy cuddle lover, or a shiny sunny catcher, or even a highly concentrated birdwatcher, but in any case, your cat will be a delicate, cute, and sensitive companion.
  2. Scottish cats are trying to be as close to their family members as it is possible. Please note they are keen on cuddling, napping, and being petted by their Humans, but should Scottish Fold sit on your laps or not — it depends mostly on his or her character.
  3. However, these owl-looking cats are rather smart, they can be easily taught to perform some exercises for treats and they need active games to keep fit. Obesity is the last thing your cat needs, but this is true for any breed, of course. You have to provide not only a place for your cat to sleep and to eat, but also to play. You can use cat soft toys, playgrounds, tunnels, digital toys, rollers, and hanging toys.
  4. Like other cats, Scottish cats can also be depressed by loneliness and boredom. The funniest games for Scottish cats are those with their Human companion with teasers of feathers, ribbons, small bells, or other entertaining stuff. Please consider sharing your home with two or more cats for them to entertain each other if you’re a rather busy person.
  5. Also, there could be questions about Scottish fold cat food. If your kitten is healthy, you can choose one out of three ways to feed your cat: raw food, the mix of dry and wet produced food, or cat food recipes with appropriate nutritional balance. Your choice can depend on your location and ingredients availability, your daily occupancy, your cat’s veterinary recommendations if any. In all cases, it’s better to feed your cat more often with smaller portions, and in most cases, wet food twice a day and dry food for other meals ensure your cat gets all the necessary nutrients. Please subscribe to our updates, soon we’ll introduce our Scottish Fold Cat Food article.
  6. One of the most attractive Scottish Fold Cats characteristics is exclusive posing, among which is sitting up as if they were a meerkat is known better, but they can flat out on the sofa like if they are a little frog, or sleep on their back with paws up in the air. So you have to free enough space for fun pictures on your smartphone or even to open the Instagram page for your Scottish fold kitten.

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