Sir Everest aka Cookie Monsta

  • Date of Birth:
  • Color: Black Silver Tabby Colorpoint (ns 21 33)
Our cat - Everest Flame Chanel

Incredibly beautiful creature has appeared once in our home, Sir Everest The Cat who became our real friend! Wayward and independent, but a real partner of his humans, staying close always, regardless of the time of day or night. Everest always delighted by care he gets and attention to his cat personality, even after an hour or two spent apart. Everest rather talkative cat, no single emotion will remain unspoken by him and also can go unanswered by us! Very active and playful, authentic carnivore, curious and emotionally intelligent. In our dwelling his reach always exceeds his grasp. Fluffy fun, purr and igrune!

Full Name: Our cat - Everest Flame Chanel
Home name: Cocos
Sex: male
Breed: Scottish Fold SH
Color: Black Silver Lynx Colorpoint (ns 21 33)
Date of Birth: 08 Oct 2019
Club Registration: Rolandus Union Int., ICFA
Title: Champion
Awards: Best in Color Nominee, Best in Breed Nominee
Everest Flame Chanel side shot.
Everest Flame Chanel profile shot.

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